Expected Too Much of Him

Those who have studied English might understand what I mean, though, learning English will be absolutely a strong point for any kid's future. I really have a full realization as I teach English and help translate or interpret.

For that reason, my son who is in the third grade, has been learning English in my class. You might think that teaching English to my kid would be somewhat challenging. Simply put, I mean that I'm not only a teacher but a mother to him. Actually, I occasionally have mixed feelings on the cusp of the part as a mom.
I might be quite strict with him when it comes to English, though, I try to have a warm side within the strictness.

In fact, I told him that he could quit learning English or he could change to another English class. However, he says that he'd like to learn English in my class. As such, he understands that I'm very strict with him.

Last week, he took the annual examination. I hate to sound like a doting mom, but I believe his skills are enough to get full marks. Unfortunately, he missed it...Aw.... Much to my chagrin, he missed only one point out of the full marks!
He was, of course, disappointed with himself and I was, either because in spite of his hard study, he missed only one question last year as well.
I know it was partly attributed to my teaching before the test....
I might have expected too much of him.^^;

I hope he tries to use his failure as a springboard to improve his skills..
He and other students are supposed to take an interview test next February.

" More Power To You All!"



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師