I Have Misgivings About Our English Skills.

Yesterday, my son's school held an open class. Every time I visit there, I'm thrilled to see his growth and his attitude during the lesson.

This time, I was more excited than usual because it was an English lesson. I was very intrigued what the lesson would be like as an English teacher. As such, I was the first to arrive and waited the lesson would start.

Contrary to my expectation, it wasn't intriguing at all. I'm afraid, but I have to say it was too childish: our children learned only 1 to 20 and played a game which kindergarteners usually play with.
Don't get me wrong. I know some of them don't have any experience in English. For this point, they need to learn the basics of English. However, they learned the same thing again and again. In fact, my son told me that he'd had it with the lesson because it was the third time to learn 1 to 20.
Learning something repeatedly is important, of course, but I believe it depends on the content and their age.
As for 1 to 20, for example, they're old enough to understand it at once. They should have practiced other things such as phonics or introducing themselves.

The Japanese government insists that we learn more practical skills. The teaching outline was modified. Still, there's a long way to go.
If our children, who the ability to quickly learn anything, keep learning that kind of thing again and again, Japanese English skills could drag far behind that of the other nations....


Thank you for your opinion!
Yeah, you're right. They should practice communication skills. In my son's school case, there're two teachers, his homeroom teacher and an ALT....

I had a full realization that I should teach the skills to kids on behalf of the teachers. As an English teacher, it's my duty. :)

I can't agree with you more! Some children say, "We don't want to do such childish dances and activities any more!" They are not always the students who learn English at English schools.I think they are old enough to enjoy much more communicative activities. Is there any adviser who help English lessons at your son's school, or his homeroom teacher has the initiative for English class? The goverment always tells teachers "do it anyway",right? 見えないんですよねー、どうしたいかが(-_-;)

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