Is It High Time to Change!?

It has been several years since I bought my current computer. I know software, operating systems and so forth are developed one after another, so actually I can't keep up with the ream of the information technology. That's why I very often face some troubles related to the computer system.

The other day I tried to sign in to Skype, but the site wouldn't open. I tried it again and again after I changed both my account and password. However, I failed.
I searched the Net for solutions, and tried them. Unfortunately, any solution didn't work.
Got me stumped...

Whenever I turn on my computer, a notice pops up on the screen-"The storage space is running short."
As such I deleted the unnecessary files every time the notice popped up. However, the space seems still almost full. In fact, I think there are still needless files, but I don't know which ones should be deleted....
Do I need to install another hard disc drive in my computer or buy a new computer?

What should I do?



Hi, my friend!

Yes! That is "YOU"! lol
Wow! You already have a new goal. :) Sounds great!

Thanks to you, I'm really inspaired, yes, I'm going to take it this year. ;)
I'll ask you to give me some advice, so could you help me a little?
I don't know what I should do first...haha

Oh, as for Skype, I installed it in my smart phone, so we can have a natter, I think!

Oops! Not Furtunately! Fortunately!!

Hi, Vibrant Rose-san! Is it about me?
Furtunately, I did it! I can't believe it still now, though... Literally, I'm "lucky" this time.
Thank you for encouraging and inspiring me all the time! Thanks to my English fellows including you, I continue to study English! I'm really blessed!
Anyway, I 've set a new goal! I will try 通訳ガイド試験 this August.
Do you have any plan to take English exams?

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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