Call to the U.S

When you go shopping, do you ever use your credit cards? Have you ever had any troubles related to your cards?
I occasionally use my card, but I've never faced any troubles so far.

I received a translation assignment a few days ago. This time, actually it was not to translate but to call overseas for inquiries. I had to call to the U.S.

When I made an international call, to the southeast Asian countries in particular, I used to be nervous. However, I'm getting used to calling overseas. It's like "Que sera sera". lol

Well, let's get back to the story. The person who asked me to call had had a trouble with his credit card. Some money was drawn from his account, so he wanted a company to restore to his account. I called the company to ask what to be needed on behalf of him.

A staff member explained the details with merciless speed, but I managed to follow her. Luckily, I got used to her natural speed at the end of our conversation. I realized that I should practice listening and speaking more.

As for the task, I finished it smoothly. Phew.....





Hi, yuko-san
Thank you for your comliment. :) But, don't get me wrong. I'm not great..^^; I just helped a little bit. I know your work, so I can't compare my assginments with your tasks.

Well, I'm willing to help whatever I can do for you, but I'm not sure my skills resolve your question...^^;

You are really great! I wish I could handle my work like you do. Even the thought of phoning somebody overseas would make me feel nervous. I have a question about pronunciation. Can I ask you?

Thank you for your comment!

>Lol! I've never heard that expression before! It sounds so friendly and cute!!!

Yeah, It is. I like it, too. :)
Why don't you use it someday? XD

Lol! I've never heard that expression before! It sounds so friendly and cute!!!

As for not talking about any details of why you needed to make a phone call for your client, I totally understand that clients' information is confidential. So no worries! I hope everything will be taken care of without any complications!

Than you for giving me your comment!

I'll abstain from the details due to my client's private, but yeah, maybe...
Oh, you used to work there!? As you know, I think it'll be fine soon. :)

You, too!? Some American friends also use their cards all the time. They say," That's easier and less hassle to buy."
As for my family, I often use my card, but my hubby never uses it...He always says "にこにこ現金主義だから" lol

You mean your client had fraudulent charges on his card? If that's the case, disputing those charges should be easy and simple. They shouldn't give him a hard time to give the money back. They will take the money out of the merchants and give it back to the card holder pretty much automatically. I used to work in that field before. :)

By the way, I pay by credit card all the time when I shop. In fact, I rarely pay by cash! ;)

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