Ran into My Friend

I can say that I'm blessed with kind, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed friends. Thanks to them, I'm always inspired to do something new and encouraged to keep brushing up on my skills. Without them, I wouldn't have started to master English or landed my current job.

This morning, one of my fellow English-lovers visited my city to get involved in an open conversation class. She's busy as an English teacher, but luckily she doesn't have her classes during summer vacation. That's why she managed to have time to join us this time.
Actually, we hadn't met up with each other for a while because of our work. As such, I was thrilled to meet up with her and spend quality time together.

After the class, I wished we could have had lunch together. However, I had to prepare for tomorrow's lessons and parents' meetings. That was why I had no choice but to say goodbye to her....T T
After seeing her off at the nearest station, I dropped by at a library to look for interesting English picture books. I'm supposed to take part in an English event next month, so I was browsing through some English picture books there. At that time, a woman talked to me. She was one of my friends! We hadn't met up with each other for ages! She looked fine and we stood chatting to catch up on each other.

What nice friends!


Hi, Pippi san

Thank you for your time the other day! I'm happy to meet up with you and spend quality time together. I hope we'll have time soon.

Well, Yes! I found a few books although I'm not sure if they'll be interesting to kids. lol In addition, an idea came to mind. hehe. I'll give a riddle to them at the event if the time and the age of participants agree.^^ In fact, the riddle was used at my Halloween party before.

I'm really thrilled to meet them and get involve in the event!

Good morning!
Thank you for taking me a cozy English school! I like her British English and the affable members.
Did you find good picture books for the event? I'm really looking forward to your workshop involving small kids! And I'll find a nice place for lunch, hehe(^_-)-☆

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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