The Sense of Justice

The other day my son visited one of his close friends to play together after school. I think that the boy is kind of bossy, but he's not so bad and a typical elementary school boy.
Another boy, let's say the former is boy A and the latter is boy B, came over to boy A's house and they played trading cards.

According to my son, boy A and boy B had promised to exchange their special cards which are called God cards. However, boy B forgot to bring it and boy A got upset and started to nag at him with bad words and tried to force him to go back and bring it. Even though boy A was being naughty, boy B said to him "NO".
Then, boy A started to hit boy B! I'm not sure whether it was actually a punch or just like wrestling, but it seemed that he was running amok.
My son tried to stop, but failed for out of fear, he said. After boy B left his house, my son told boy A that he shouldn't have done that. At that time, boy A told him, "Do not tell our teacher."

That night, my son was worrying about struggling with whether he should tell the teacher or not. I thought he should, of course, but at the same time I was afraid that boy A would give him tit for tat. For that reason, I said to him, "Maybe you shouldn't do that because you weren't hit by boy A."
My son said to me, "Mom, Wrong is wrong. I should have stopped him. I think I should tell the fact my teacher. If he gives me tit for tat, I don't care."

How brave! I was so ashamed of myself! I realized that I tried to keep my son's nose clean. Yes, he's right. Wrong is wring, Right is right.
I learned the most important thing as a human being from him.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師