What Shuold We Do?

As you have already known, two Japanese men have been beheaded by an atrocious group known as ISIS or ISIL. First, I'd like to deeply express my condolences to their families.

I was shocked to hear that news and at the same time, as a parent I didn't understand why he headed for Syria. I know, of course, he was a zealous journalist and had been dedicated to reporting the plight of the weak and refugee children. I can understand this point. As an experienced journalist, he must have understood how dangerous the area was and that one mistake could cost his life.
This time, it is said that he headed for that area not only for his work but for helping his fellow who wasn't a journalist. An article said that he felt a personal responsibility for his fellow and he left his family, including only a month baby. This is beyond my understanding as a parent. He wasn't an experienced soldier nor superman. He was only a father for his kids. Why did he decide to go there? To help his fellow? If so, how does his family, little kids in particular, accept the terrible fact and live from now on? Was there something he valued more than his family? I still have mixed feelings as well as great sorrow.

It is true there's a strong possibility that Japanese people will be targeted by terrorists in the future. We have to learn that it isn't "fire on the other side of the river" or somebody else's problem, and we must take action on how to deal with it.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師