We're Always Welcoming!

Yesterday I took part in an English workshop. This time, a new visitor participated in it as well. She had found our workshop on this blog and contacted me.
Other members and I welcomed her, of course! I love to meet new people, so I was excited to meet her and had quality time together.

She lives near the community center where I regularly give English lessons! Wow! What a small world! She seemed nervous a little bit and we're so talkative that I hope she wasn't overwhelmed.....lol
Well, we read the articles I had prepared and discussed them. As for the unspeakable nightmare in Syria, I needed more time to discuss. At the same time, I had trouble expressing what I meant and wanted to say exactly, subtle nuances in particular. I found that I really needed to learn and practice using more natural expressions.

We're supposed to have another workshop this month. I'm looking forward to meeting up with her again and trying to practice speaking to my heart's content. ;)


Re: タイトルなし

> Hi, 梨りんごさん
> Thank you is my word. We were so happy to meet you. :) As you might know, our workshop is for those who are eager to speak and chat, so I'm afraid you might have been annoyed..^^;
> Whenever you have time, please come again and have quality time together!

I had great time!

Thank you for letting me join last time. I had good time talking with you. At the same time, I thought I had to be more aware of current affairs.
Unfortunately I'm not able to take part in your next meeting because I have to go to work. I hope to join you again next month!

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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