How Important Negotiating is!

It's been about ten years since I moved to my current city. I think it's a comfortable place to live and raise my son. In fact, our city has a good reputation to live, for rearing families in particular, and such families move to our city.
At the same time, it's true they frequently move out because of their transfer. As such, a lot of apartments for rent are built here and there as well as condos and new houses. My apartment is one of them although it's small and I frequently have new neighbors.

Everytime they move out, their apartments are cleaned and refurbished. In addition, their fixtures such as an entryphone are upgraded. I had felt unfair: we've lived here for about ten years and our fixtures are old-fashioned; nevertheless, we have to pay as much money as the others do. Why?
As such, I called my real estate agent to ask and negotiate it . The staff told me that if the owner of our apartment gave them the green light to upgrade fixtures, they could arrange for it. That's why they have no say in upgrading.
I said, "OK, then. Could you just ask the owner about it? If the owner says no, it can't be helped. I'll accept it. But, don't forget to tell the owner about our current situation, please."
Just give it a try because I got nothing to lose. lol

On that early evening, the staff called me and said, "The owner gave us the green light, so we're arranging for that."
Yay! Lucky me!



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師