A Farewell Luncheon

Yesterday I took part in an English workshop. A member joined us after a long absence. She usually takes a train to take part in our workshop, so I had thought it might have been painstaking to her somewhat. However, actually she had been studying hard to pass the pre-first grade of the STEP test and her efforts finally came to fruition!
She didn't mention anything before, so I was so surprised and happy to hear that.

What I was impressed with the most was her attitude toward things. According to her, she looked back on herself when she encouraged her daughter in her swimming lessons. She talked to herself: What about me? Am I devoted to anything and trying to achieve? And she decided to realize one thing.
As knowing how hard it is, I can easily imagine she made a concentrated effort. Thanks to her, I was really inspired. :)
I'm so glad she came back to our workshop and hope each of us will keep brushing up on our skills.

After the workshop, we had a farewell luncheon for one of the members. She's moving to Nagoya this weekend because her hubby was transferred.
Ever since she joined us, she's tried to participate in our workshop as much as possible and to improve her skills. Thanks to SNS such as Facebook, we can contact each other anywhere and anytime. To be honest, however, I'll really miss her because I prefer meeting up with my friends face to face.... But that can't be helped......

Stay in touch, my friend!



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4) TESOL認定講師