What a Wonderful Expression!

From the end of last month to this weekend, I helped interpret for some overseas students as a volunteer. They needed to go through some formalities at a city hall for living in Japan. Having helped at the same place before, I wasn't nervous at all.

The first day, a lot of students from various Asian countries such as China or Korea came to the city hall. They had a good command of Japanese, so there was no need to help. One student India couldn't understand Japanese at all and his senior student seemed to be struggling to communicate in English, so I helped for them.

The second day, only a few groups of students from China came there. They could understand Japanese very well, so my work was over for that day. As having plenty of time, I spent all the time on the translation assignments I had taken. lol

The last day, it was windy and raining cats and dogs. When I arrived at the hall, a lot of students from various countries had been there. I helped a family and their friend who are from Egypt. They had just arrived there on the previous day, so they didn't understand Japanese or what to do.
During the process, one of them told me an expression in Arabic-السلام عليكم It means "Peace be upon you" in English. According to them, it's used for greetings, expressions of gratitude or whatever.
Arabic is all Greek to me, but I learned what wonderful expressions they had.

In addition, I realized how interesting learning any language was.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4) TESOL認定講師