Am I a Workaholic !?

Ever since a new academic year started last week, I've been swamped with work and chores. Some might think it sounds tiresome, but actually it isn't because I welcomed new students and my business seems on a roll.

Last week, I took on an assignment which was to make inquiries about a reservation and other options at an international hotel. I've helped with that kind of assignment several times, so I was willing to take it on.
Having to give my usual lessons at the same time, it was true that I was occupied with work. After it's done and dusted, luckily I had some time for myself! It was actually a whole day! In retrospect, I had't managed to have time for myself for a while......I mean that I had to visit parents-in-law's, take care of my family or household chores and take part in my residents' association. Even though I had time, I had no choice but to spend all my free time on these kinds of things. I thought, "Let me alone........"

Today, there was no event in my residents' association, my hubby went out to play soccer and my sweet played with his close friend at his house. Yay! I'm alone in my house! lol
I let my hair down, read the English papers, posted some entries on my blogs and took a nap. After finishing what I wanted to do, there was still plenty of time. Ummmmmmm.......What am I going to

Ironically, when I didn't have enough time, I thought "I want more time for me!" Actually, however, when plenty of time was available, I thought "What should I do?" as if I were a retired office worker. haha
I ended up thinking about my plans for giving more attractive lessons. I might be a



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師