I Learned Again as a Mom.

My son is in the 5th grade, into playing trading cards with his friends and loves soccer. He's getting to a rebellious age, so we sometimes wrangle about his studies, attitudes, life style and so forth. Every time I nag at him, I feel terrible about myself. I understand that I should be patient. However, I actually have trouble handling my feelings.

The other day, I visited my co-worker to ask about accounts. After clearing up my questions, we chatted over coffee. We made small talk, mainly about our kids. As moms, we might not be able to escape from worrying about raising our children. All too often, we're liable to meddle in their matters and upbraid them.
During our chat, she told me about an interesting point: Just remind them of what they should do and let them alone. They can do everything at their own pace. We should leave it up to them, praise whatever they tried to do even if they were triflings, and we shouldn't interfere in private lives too much. After all, we need to be patient. lol

She told that she had read a book about raising children the other day, and it was an eye-opener to her. I've heard about these things here and there, and some might think that we're never worried if we can do that.
However, I considered her point again, and decided to keep it in mind. It might be my imagination, but I feel less frustrated at him than before. In addition, he actually did what to do and tried to help me. I realized that I had overlooked his behavior and looked at him from my own view point. I might have been a well-meaning mom.

Thanks to her, I learned what to do for him. :)



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師