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Last Monday, my friends, I and some foreigners who take Japanese lessons in my city hung out in the downtown area. The foreigners still don't get used to using public transportation, so we decided to take a train and the subway.

We visited a temple and saw a big statue of Buddha there. One of them, who is from Nepal, was very interested in the place because she found out there was the Japanese culture based on Buddhism. After that, we went to a local museum, which introduces the history of the city and culture. After enjoying learning about it at the museum, we visited a shrine. They didn't know about the manners such as washing our hands before we pay homage, so I explained how to do that one by one. They seemed interested in coexsiting religions in Japan.

After having lunch at a shopping mall, our sightseeing tour was finished. I enjoyed it a whole lot, and became better acquainted with them through the outing.
A student is supposed to go back to her country next week, so I'm missing her a lot...
I hope she loves Japan more through the tour.


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Hi, yuko san! How's it going? I'm sure everything is fine. :)

Thank you for your comment! Yeah, I hope, so. ^^
I was supposed to take another tour on 29th this month, but I have an open day at my son's school on that day and I'll have to attend a meeting as a member of the school committee.....so.....I have no choice but to pass it up.....T T

Yes, I'd love to show you around! ^^ Let me know anytime! lol

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Thanks to your kind guide, they must love Japan more and more. I'm sure that you did a great job again. If I visit there, I'd like you to show me around. Thanking you in advance~~

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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