Meet New People, Widen the Circle of My Friends

As I mentioned before, I love to meet new people and try something new or interesting. I never keep to myself. lol

Last week, I took part in an open English conversation class, and got to know a woman there. I thought I met her for the first time, but she told me that we had actually met once or twice before even though it was a long time ago. Oh, well....sorry. ^^;
During the class, she was interested in the English workshop I regularly take part in, so I invited her to the workshop.

This morning, I took part in the workshop and she joined it as well. She seemed nervous a wee bit, but she and other members struck up a friendship at the beginning of the workshop and we started practicing talking in English.
While we were discussing the article I had prepared, I often struggled to find the words and expressions I wanted to say. Whenever I take part in any workshops, I think I should need to learn and practice more.
All I can do is to spare no effort to achieve an advanced level.

After the workshop, she sent me a text message that she would be looking forward to the next workshop. How nice!


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Hi, Natsuko san

Thank you is my word! I'm always welcoming anyone who is interested and immersed in English. I hope this workshop inspired you to brush up on your skills. ;)

With regard to body languages, you can say that again. Nonverval expressions absolutely help our communication or convey what we meant to others.

I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Thank you very much for letting me join your English workshop today! It was great opportunity for me to feel like to study English again.

Talk about the body language, we Japanese use it less than Americans or European people maybe because we didn't have much immigrants during our long history. So we even have the sort of culture "a-un-no-kokyu", we might understand each other without saying any words. On the other hand, if you live in the multiethnic society, you need to explain definitely what you want to say. So body language can be much important and useful to express your idea and feeling, I guess. This is what I'm thinking about, but I couldn't say it in English well. Writing is easier than speaking for me, so I need more exercise to talk in English.

Thanks again for organizing everything Tomomi, I'm looking forward to seeing you soon again!

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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