Stayed in Shanghai ~part2~

After checking out of the hotel, we went to one of the biggest and busiest shopping streets. We had some time before we should check in at the airport, so we decided to drop in at the shopping street to buy some souvenirs.

We arrived at the airport as planned after our shopping. When I was checking my baggage at the check-in counter, the security sensor beeped. The customer service agent told me to go to "Baggage Checking" and have it checked there. At the Baggage Checking area, a security staff member was waiting for me with a severe face. After making sure that there was no problem at all, she released me....How scary!

After that, my family's carry-on baggage was inspected and we all got stopped there....It took some time to go through, and finally got to Immigration Control.....We spent extra time unexpectedly. What's worse, there were more people waiting in line than I expected there. We were running out of time actually and it was ten minutes before departure when we went though Immigration Control!
We ran to the gate, of course, and at the gate some staff were waiting for us. It seemed that only we were late....--;

I started to panic..........and........I made the biggest blunder...................

I went out of the gate instead of going to the boarding bridge....The door closed and it couldn't open from outside, of course. My family followed me, so WE were shut out.....
OH, MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There were no people to ask some help.....My son and I banged and pulled the door, but no one noticed it....I was in a panic completely. A few minutes later, some staff came down from the ticket gate. They might have contacted cabin attendants and found out we weren't seated in the airplane. They spoke to us in Chinese something like "Why are you there? Why did you go to THAT way!?", maybe.....

We delayed the flight.....sorry.......

I should keep in mind the following: No one can expect what happens next....



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師