Finally, I Met Lovers of English !

I got up with excitement yesterday morning because I would have a get-togeher with some lovers of English. We got to know each other through our blogs or mutual friends. I have met a few of them before, but I hadn't seen most of the members.

My friends and I were organizers of the meeting and we had managed to make time to discuss the details. We decided to have the get-together about a year ago and it took a long time to finish organizing the meeting, so I was thrilled to see them yesterday.

When I got to the meeting place, some organizers had arrived there. A few minutes later, the other organizers and participants arrived. To my disappointment, the room we had reserved wasn't ready because the staff of the meeting place had made a mistake...Aw....Anyway, we were in a hurry to get ready for setting the room. ^^;

At the beginning of the meeting, we introduced ourselves. When my turn came, I had tens of thousands of butterflies in my stomach.... I was almost lost.... I made a terrible speech.... T T
At any rate, we devided up into four groups to chat over drinks or light meals. I tried to use English during the meeting, of course. My strong and weird character might have flabbergasted the others...
As we changed groups, I gradually started to relax. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to talk to some of them because of the lack of time. I wish I could chat with them more...

After the meeting, I made a beeline for my local summer festival because I'm one of the organizers....On my way to the festival, it was pelting down with rain. The other members would go sightseeing, so I hoped the other members wouldn't be disappointed...

I'm wondering if they enjoyed themselves a whole lot.....I need their feedback...lol


Thank you very much for coming to Fukuoka! Yeah, I wish I could enjoy with you all longer. Thanks to you and the other members, I was encouraged to brush up on my English a lot.

As you read a comment on Pippi san's blog, I like your vibe! I'm sure your personality must be attrative to everyone. :)
When I see you again, let me give you a BIG hug. lol

Thank you!!!

Hi, sorry that it took me forever to visit your blog to thank you! It was too bad that you weren't able to stay longer, but good that we at least had the chance to chat :) Hopefully we can have more time together next time!

Anyway, thank you very much for your time and effort to make it all happen!

Yep! Check you later! :D

Hi, Shufu san
Thank you for coming all the way from Osaka the other day. Finally, I saw you and the other members. I was happy to be with you all. I wish I could hang out with you...T T

>> それだけのパワーあるなら今度大阪来ませんか?(爆)
Yeah, I totally agree with you. I can visit you. XD

>> 最低でも、「DEANさん」と、ROSEさんのALL ENGLISHのお相手する、「KENNYさん」2人を用意しましょうか(←派遣会社の社長か)
That's a great idea, isn't it! Yes, pelase!
To be honest, I wish I could be there longer and chat the members in English. In addition, I couldn't meet KENNY san on that day.
I must say to Dean san-"No Japanese, No silence, English Please!" lol
I guess my hidden character called "Black Rose" will appear. haha XD

I hope I see you soon again.

Same here! We look forward to hanging out with you!



最低でも、「DEANさん」と、ROSEさんのALL ENGLISHのお相手する、「KENNYさん」2人を用意しましょうか(←派遣会社の社長か)

テレビのつけない、無音で 洋書を楽しむ日々など、家族が出払うまで封印ですわ。。。(涙)


Please feel free to call me as you like. lol

Well, yes, I enjoyed myself a whole lot! I wish I could hang out with them more.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all and chatting over drinks or meals together in December. ;)

Hello Rose San! (Never called you by this name so I feel weird!)

I read Pippi san and her friend's blogs about this gathering. It sounded so fun!! I wish I could be there to join you guys! I saw some pics of yummy food too. I'm so jealous! Hearing about your gathering made me look forward to our visit to Japan even more. Hope that we will get to spend time with you too!

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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