A Church Service on Christmas Day

I visited a church yesterday. My friend and her family from America had invited me to join a Christmas worship.
I was sad that we didn't manage to have time to see each other last year because our schedules didn't match. That is why I really wanted to see them.

My first experience joining a church service on Christmas day, so I was a little bit nervous. However, on arriving at the church, I unwound myself as its staff members welcomed me warmly. We struck up a friendship. When I got there, the family hadn't arrived yet. I started chatting with the staff members while waiting for the family. During our chat, they took me for a Japanese-American because there were people of different nationalities. I was surprised that they didn't recognize me as a Japanese until another staff member told them that I wasn't a Japanese-American. lol They seemed a little embarrassed, but we laughed fit to bust. I was happy to see what my English was like, in front of native speakers in particular, and to see my efforts to improve my English paid off. haha

During a Christmas worship, we sang hymns and learned a lot from the pastor's preaching. When my son was little, he went to Christian preschool, so I knew a little about Christianity.
This opportunity reminded me of love, peace and joy.


Sorry for my late reply.

Yep! I'm looking forward to seeing you all again and having lunch together. :)

That sounds great! We look forward to it!!

I'm so glad to see you all.
Yesh, on that day, we didn't have enough time to chat, but I had a great time with you this month.
Thank you very much for the lunch.

No worries! I love to drive and to see my friends. ;)

Next time, I'll take you to my friend's restaurant. :D

Thank you for coming all the way to church on Christmas! It was so nice to see you but we were sad afterwards since we didn't get to talk to you much...so I was REALLY glad that we got to hang out one more time while we were in Japan. Thank you for always willing to drive so far to hang out with us!! We had a great time with you!

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