What the Heck!

The worst-case scenario happened to me.....

I had a car accident a week ago. It was my first experience and I NEVER EVER forget it!
This is the story:
When I was turning right at the intersection, the car had parked at a parking lot of the convenience store directly hit my car!
The traffic light was green and I made sure that there was no oncoming car or pedestrian. Just after I turned right, the car ran into my car! The car seemed to get in the opposite lane from the corner of the intersection. What the heck!
My car was too damaged to move at all. A lot of people around the business buildings were rush to help me out. Thanks to their help, we managed to park my car at the parking lot.
Fortunately, no one got injured....This is the only thing I can say, "I'm lucky."
As you can easily imagine, I needed to call the police, my car insurance agent and a tow truck and a rental car.....What with one thing and another, it took five hours after the accident happened!

The nightmare was going on. My car insurance agent called me and said, " In this case, it was the driver's fault. But, under the traffic law, it'll be a little your fault. And the repair cost will be 800,000 yen....Maybe, you'll have to pay the ten percents of the cost or so.... "

..............NO WAY!!!!........

But, I had my car inspected this February, so there was no choice but to repair.....
According to the agent, it will take about one month.....

I am missing my lovely car! Please come back soon!!



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師