Helping Junior high school students

The junior high school that my son goes to offers us short-term classes in things like Yoga, English, Origami, Swimming, Badminton etc. The classes aren't for the students. Anyone can take the lesson they want. However, some classes are understaffed so they need help from volunteers called guest teachers.
When I got the information from my son, I was curious to help out, especially with English. Of course, if my schedules would be allowed. Besides, a student of mine, who goes to the same school, asked me to help her and other students.
That was why I decided to help as a guest teacher.

The lessons I was assigned are the high school exam prep class. Our main focus is the listening section. The first day I visited, the students who took the course seemed a little nervous, and to be honest I was, too. It was my first experience to take on that kind of the course at a public school.
First, I saw how far they could understand English. Interestingly, they were too shy, but they understood what I said to a certain degree. Only one problem I saw was that the amount of listening time wasn't enough. That was why they didn't know how to react or they weren't familiar with English sound.
In order to break the ice, I asked the teacher to give me some time at the beginning of each lesson.

Thanks to the warm-up exercises, they gradually seemed to feel relaxed and to turn on the English mode.
It is true that there is room for improvement to master better listening skills, but I felt there would be the potential to greatly improve their skills.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師