Finally, I'm done with it!

This season of the year, I am diving into preparations for a special event- Halloween party.
As an English teacher, I try to go ham for my lovely students and they look forward to the party every year. Having said that, preparing for the party such as arranging their schedules is not easy. We used to have our halloween party on either Saturday or Sunday, but I set four days this time! Most of the students took part in the party on Saturday, which was the biggest one. Some students who didn't make it on that day could join any of the other days.

I tried to ham up to rev them up during the games. lol You might think it seems painstaking, but it wasn't actually. After finishing all parties, I felt fulfilled and was basking in the afterglow of enjoyment.


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Yeah, I understand you look forward to having a meeting with Sammy's teacher. I'm sure everything is fine. ;)

Well, I love to drive anywhere you like. The restaurant we had lunch before, my friend's one or whatever you like.
Let me know if you have a preference.

By the way, I'm so sad to know another shooting ranpage happened again in America. I watched ABC news.....

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That reminds me that I need to go to a parent-teacher conference this Friday!! I remember when I was a teacher, it was a lot of work to prepare for those conferences, but now that I’m going as a parent, I kind of look forward to hearing from my daughter’s teacher how she’s been doing at school :)

We look forward to our get-together too! Have we decided on where we’re meeting? My mind is all blur and I can’t remember!! Lol 😂 Hopefully I’ll get everything ready before our trip!!

Thank you for your comment. ;) Yeah, I hope they think so. lol

Yep! We're woking like a bee. haha
I'm working on arranging schedules for parents' meetings, preparation for the annual test which my students will have to take, attend company meetings blah-blah-blah....lol
I wish I could have a clone of myself...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you all again next month. ;)

Your students are so lucky to have you! You’ve got to enjoy first in order for your students to have fun and I think you did a great job on that! ;)

After Halloween is over, now we are getting ready for Thanksgiving and after that is Christmas! It’ll be busy and crazy for a while!!

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