With My Lovely Friends

I often help foreigners study Japanese. I can't make it regularly because of my work, but luckily I made some time for the class today.
This time, I helped two siblings from Nepal, who are a 16-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy. They came to Japan about 6 months ago and have been studying Japanese. Luckily, they understood English, so I used Japanese and English during the session. Basically, the staff members of the Japanese class should use only Japanese during each session to immerse the students in Japanese. However, we should use other languages to help complete beginners understand words correctly and smoothly, depending on the situation although we can't use their mother tongues such as English all the sessions, of course.
A staff member had told me they would be complete beginners and that they might be able to communicate in English somehow. But we had had no idea how well they would use and understand English.

At the beginning of the first session, we introduced ourselves in Japanese. They have already learned how to greet and say their names.
They were super beginners, but I was surprised to see how fast they learned new words and expressions. They must be quick learners, very studious and pure. In fact, they are eager to study at Japanese junior or high schools. Their enthusiasm to learn Japanese will absolutely improve their skills at warp speed.

Whelp, I hope they will enjoy the process of learning Japanese and get acclimatized to life in Japan.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師