In her shoes.

This morning I rented a DVD, which was called " In her shoes". Do you know it? When it released at a movie theater, I was interested in it.

A woman, who is a sloppy, a handful and has a reading disorder, but is so well-figured. On the contrary, her older sister is lawyer, smart, but doesn't have confidence in herself ( her figure ).
Anytime an older sister takes care of her sister, often claims. But she likes her very much. Cuz, she's her sister.
One day a young sister stole away a sister's lover. Yes, of course she was got out of sister's life.
Though she had to find a job, it didn't going well, couldn't keep doing.
When she despaired of her life, she found several letters from her grand mom. Then she decided to visit her in hope for getting some chance to change her life.
At first, she was like as ever, but while she helped, worked around grand mom, who lived in a home for old people, she noticed her dream, the way she is. Finally she could get on her feet, got over her disorder and made up with an older sister.

When I watched it, I could up some phrases, including bad meaning words, but often I couldn't catch the lines because of the lines were a bit wordy, in a low and indistinct voice.

Anyway, I enjoyed spending time in the rainy season.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師