I casually think of it...

I casually think of it..."My husband and my lives...."( This time my son's absent. lol lol)

when we got married, I worked as a shop staff. Of course after getting married, I worked.
About a year later, I quit the job to change a work for my dream, which was an English teacher for kids, but at the time I found out that I was expecting. So, I turned to be a housewife without getting a new job.
Since then, I've tried to do house work for my husband, a son being comfortable. (But I don't know if they're so or not..^^;)
On top of that I've keeping at improving my English ability to make my dream come true. While I do like that, though the salary was in no way high, my husband works for our lives so hard.( yeah, he always encourages me in keeping at it and says " go ahead" for what I want to do. )I try to keep our heads above water every month. I earned a little bit for studying English because at least I don't want to spend the money which he works.
I'm sure that he has a something dream or wants some stuffs, but maybe he stands or make up with other things such as drinking, eating, and so on.
Next year, as my son'll enter a kindergarten, I'm going to get a job for getting on my feet, supplementing the income. So, I hope he'll be able to do what he wants.



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