Yes!!! Bob.

Yeah, I've decided to get my hair cut and dyed...Including the reasons I said yesterday, to refresh I made an appointment and went out.
I entrusted my son to my parents not to interrupt their work and I guessed he wouldn't be able to wait for a few hours.

This time, the hair style was " bob style". After long time I took a choice it because I'd caught a glimpse of a certain woman, who was a native and so stylish, on TV. Her hair style was bob, (according to magazine for ladies or some fashion TV programs, bob style's been in fashion.) and the style was my favorite...I've done similar style before, so I decided to try again. Of course, " on the basis of the style" I got it cut suitably.(^^)b

Though I expected it would cost more than \10,000, fortunately, as the beauty shop's been renewed and they've offered a special price for the time being, this time it just costed about \9,000.(^^)v
I was so satisfied!!!


Yes, my own parents live near my house. (I guess it's about 20 minutes by car .) I'm lucky...(^^)

Oh, They have!? Cool!!!! There're not like salons around me, as you said, the kind of salons'll increase...I really hope. In fact, some salons which they don't have it suggest me ( moms) that we can visit with our kids in tow. But I balk at doing...(^^;)
(Especially, week day...)


Changing a hairstyle refreshes us, doesn't it? I'm glad you loved your new bob hair. And, do you live near your parents? If so, that sounds good. You can leave your kid with them without much worries. My favorite beauty salon has their own day-care center, and it's free for their customers!!! Honestly speaking, although they are not much of stylists(^^;), it's a great help to me that I can leave my daughter in there while having my hair cut. I hope this kind of service will become accessible to more moms. Don't you think so?

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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