I met a wonderful girl.

This morning, I visited an English circle member's to study and practice speaking in English. This time, there were 7 of us. One of them was a member's daughter, who is a 18-year-old girl. Living in NY for 5 years, she can speak English very well and had a lots of experiences. She's so pretty and meek.
She also went to South Africa as a delegate from Japan with an eye to learn about environment, different cultures and themselves on her summer holidays. ( There were 42 delegates from 12 countries.)
Her eyes were so bright, looking " future". So I was inspired.

If I were a teenager, I would study English more and more...lol lol lol

After the talk, we discussed " Baby Hatch". Not only Japan, other countries also have the issue.
For example, in Germany mothers who can't rear babies or give a birth go to a counter of counseling. The window's connected with some doctors, psychologists and some experts to care them. They support these mothers can go to school or work for rearing babies. Still, they understand that these mothers can't rear, the mothers
can give a birth as " anonymity-childbirth."
After the childbirth, they have time to consider whether rear or adoption over childcare for 2 months, so-called in " Mother-Child House".
Like this, we should also take steps immediately rather than discuss " Baby Hatch should be installed or not".
Both're indispensable for protect babies and save lives. So We also have to teach " the dignity of life", " moral education" to young people.
On top of them, granting subsidies single parent families and increasing experts, staffs and facilities.

Last but not least, the baby hatch is " temporary space for babies." Not " the space for abandoning".


ありゃりゃっ~~~、!!!!!(^^;)talk aboutとごっちゃにしてたっ

Thanx a looooot!!!



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