When I was irritated......

As a mom, I often face some predicaments about taking care of a child. You know, not only I but all moms also have felt like that....I think...

Because since our kids were born each we've been taking care of them and on the clock round. So, sometime we need to refresh or want our husbands to help house chores and understand our feelings etc....

Recently I've felt some frustration against my boy.... I know, everything is one of the his growing process and not his fault, shortcomings or something like that.
( I often feel....)
Then I usually.................

1> go out and go for a walk or take a drive
2> chat with my friends
3> surf the Internet or check E-mails etc...
4> read some English news papers, articles, " immerse myself in English world".

These're effective ways to my frustration. But, unfortunately, yesterday it didn't work at all....While my husband was having dinner, at last I got mad with " the monster"..... I got carried away in anger and couldn't compose myself. Then my husband hugged me for a while and said, " Alright, I understand your feelings. take a deep breath."
Thanks to him, I could calm down and desist from escalating my anger....If it hadn't been for his support, I might have hit....
He said..." Though you're taking care of him very hard, yeah, it's importance and one of your good points I know,,,, you're always being too much.... you need to ease off. " Yes, It's quite right.

If you were, what have you done?




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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師