Wash a car, wash wash wash!!!

Recently it's been balmy days like autumn weather. (^^) Unfortunately, according to some weather report, it's going to rain tomorrow. Moreover the temperature's to plummet down.(> <)
So, I've been carrying out a house cleaning. Yep, so-called " 大掃除". Yesterday I cleaned around " kitchen". The day before yesterday, I did around " a bathroom and a restroom".
Today, I carried out a car cleaning. Of course my husband's working, so I tried to do by myself.p(^^)q I wiped as much as possible at our house's parking lot. My son? hehehe He was running and running around there.
It was wonderful weather and warm. So, we could bask in.(^^)

In the after noon, I invited a next door wife and her kids. (Tomorrow they're going to visit her husband's parents' to spend a New Year.)
A few days ago, ( I wrote on my blog, though) I and my son were invited to her house. At the time, her son, who is 2 year-5 months, was demanding, threw some toys or hit my son, his mom, threw a tantrum when his mom said " NO!!, Don't do that" or didn't permit something. ( Yeah, that's an annoyance to her.^^;)
This time, My son often demanded though he didn't hit, throw or something like that.lol lol Now he's 3 years old. So, he can understand what I say or good things, bad things. But sometimes, of course, he demanded---it's mine!!! or I want it, TOO!!!---( The later was almost...) During the play, my son gave some toys which he was playing to the kid when the kid wanted or my son seemed to want to take, but was patient. Yes, There was the limit. It seemed to be the last straw to him. Then he demanded or shouted, " No!!! It's my turn!!!!"

I feel that kids have their own " turf". For example, at my house my son's turf. He seems to think " I'm a boss." On the contrary, at the kids' "he's boss or his turf" he seems to think. Especially, around 2~3-year-old kids.

Well, in any case, they were having an invaluable time to progress each other.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師