The word expressing this year

Annually some word expressing the year is announced. This year it was " false"--偽-- you've already known, though. Yeah, it shouldn't be a surprise. Just as I had thought something like " negative meanings."

Well, how about you??? If you express this year in A word????

About me?? Uh..........................................................................................................

YES!!!! " growth"---育---
As for my son, he turned 3 years old and could some stuffs by himself. Especially, he " graduated from diaper". I mean he isn't in diaper any longer. The others, he could understand what I said ( I said yesterday), meant and also he tried to express his feelings, what he thought in words more than before. In addition, could give toys etc to other kids and take care of others.

About myself, I feel my English ability is improving little by little. In fact, I could pass pre-1 grade of STEP.
I tried to take TOEIC in 10 years. Yeah, you know, I had a good experience for my future.
Speaking of my future, I could have own English classes--beginners and intermediate students.--. Nevertheless I don't have any qualification of teaching English, many members visited and enjoyed learning. ( Unfortunately, next year I'm working so, these classes've been suspended.) Thanks to the members, I could have an invaluable time and experience.

I'm looking forward to the coming year. What will become of next year???(^m^)


Hi,フェラガモ親子さん(^^) Thank you for visiting!!

Yeah, this year was so valuable to me. (^^)b
I could meet many English bloggers such as you! and enjoy having English time in an English circle, a free-talking class. As you said, I was also inspired to learn more and more.!!!

" rainenmo yorosiku onegai simasu"!!!

Good morning, Rosily-san.

I enjoed reading this entry. It's really interesting. It sounds like that you had a good year, right? In contrast to the year's word of "偽", the "育" has a positive meaning.(^^) I don't hit upon a kanji which respresnts the year of mine soon. I should think for a while.

I'm really happy to talk with you in Enlgish on our blogs. Your dedication to Engily inspired me a lot.
I wish you and your family a fruitful New year!


応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師