What will you do?

An English circle I join as usual, two new members took part in today. (^^)

Well, today's topic was " What will you do after retirement?"
Do you have any plan? or already have been carrying out?

In my future, I have some dreams. (^^) One of them is that I want to go to many hot springs with my husband and relax, go abroad for sightseeing and so forth.
In my parents-in-law's case, they have a lot of hobbies. In fact they always go out to do something, for example, go to " Ekino michi---駅の道---" for buying fish, vegetables etc, take Japanese dance lessons---日本舞踊---, Japanese halberd---薙刀--- , recitation of a Chinese poem and Karaoke for elderly people.
Yeah, they're so lively and energetic!! and have been Enjoying their lives after retirement.

I don't know what the future'll be like, but I wanna enjoy like them(^^).( I bet my boots I'll still been immersed in English...lol lol lol)



Hi, ruruan(^^)

Yes, they're enjoying their own time to their heart's content.

You're right!!! I'd rather buy stuffs at the store you said than a supermarket. In fact, when we take a drive, we drop at the store and buy.
Actually, since Chinese dumplings have caused trouble, I prefer to do all the more.

Hi, Harihari-san.

Yeah, they're spending a wonderful time together. I think " together" is the most important thing to live. Right? So, I emulate them(^^)

Hi, Rosily!
Your parents-in -law have a wide variety of hobbies. Vegetables, fruit, fish ,etc. sold by local people are so good. When I took a bus trip as part of the 88 Tempme Pilgrimage of Shikoku, I bought some dried sweet potatoes and persimmons. They were much better than the ones sold at a nearby supermarket.^^ See you.

Wow,your parents-in-law are having nice life!
That's good to have lots of hobbies.
I want to go to as many countries as I can(^^)
That's my dream♪

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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