Temporary free time

My son's school life began today! On our way to a school, he was looking forward to meet teachers and friends. When we arrived there, he started to run into a room which there were other kids. He seemed to think that I also was there and had time with him. But, I wasn't there...must not be there for him. (^^;)

During the time, I joined in a cafe morning class as usual. Yes!!! I was free!!! lol lol lol I could have own time in the morning!! It was temporary free time, though..lol lol lol However, I could concentrate on speaking, listening doing everything without his interruption. Yeah, after a while I could do to my heart's content. hahahaha(^^)

Well, as for my son? Yeah...I expected, he was crying and crying, according to a teacher.(^^;) Today, he had the first swimming lesson.( Of course, it was the first time for him.) Although he was crying, he wasn't afraid of swimming, I mean, water. (^^)v
I hope he'll fit into the circumstances A.S.A.P.


Hi,ruruan. Thank you for a warming comment. Yeah, we've started new life each. (^^)

Yeah, as you said, when I take him to the school, most of the kids are crying. It's natural they do, including my son, isn't it?
I want him to interact with them actively and learn a lot of things.(^^)

Hi, Rosily^^
Congratulations!!! The new life of your son and you has already started!
I remember my daughter was crying and crying at first in a kindergarten. I sometimes see a child crying before a swimming class begins in a gym. That's a heartwarming scene. See you.

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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