Wow!! Thinking in English!?

Since I started to brush up my English skill I've had lots of wonderful experiences such as meeting natives, having English time and so forth. ( Of course, I often face some predicaments, though. lol lol lol)
In proportion to that, I face a certain situation now and that............................

" I can't come out Japanese."!!!! (--;) To my surprise, thinking in English is easier than doing in Japanese.

Yesterday when I was talking with an old friend, who works in Tokyo, by phone. Then, we talked about a certain tax, then I wanted to say " 控除", however, I couldn't come out the word. Rather than it, I came up " deduct" and also " you should apply....."etc... As I didn't say anything for a short time because I couldn't came up Japanese, the friend said, " Hey, are you okay?" lol lol lol

Of course, NOT every time, though.....I often face like that....
The situation gladden me...(Oh, lol lol)
Anyway, can I say that it's great progress?? Right?


Hi, miwa-san. Thanks for your comment.

Can I say??? If it's so, I will be in the seventh lol lol
Uh... I think....I should keep at it more and more...(--;) I mean, it doesn't satisfy me...(^^;) However, I might make progress ...a little bit.....

What an amazing breakthrough!
(although you are asked whether you are ok or not. 笑)
You deserve it. 'cause you have been
making efforts lot.
Yes! I will shoot for a wonderful situation!


応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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