So interesting "GMAT verbal" test book!

As I wrote before, a circle member suggested that " GMAT" be conducive to English learners who want to pass the 1st grade of STEP test or improve their overall skills. The member also recommended a site, " iknow". We can learn vocabulary and practice dictation etc. On the site, there's a " GMAT" section.
Of course, I read English newspapers and get new words, try the grade textbook to get new words, however, that's NOT enough for me.... I need more words and to learn grammar more than ever because I'm diffident in writing or grammar. ( I really feel this when I'm writing a diary.) While I was struggling this situation and looking for the best way or a good text book, the member gave me hint, after all, the book---" GMAT verbal".

This morning, I joined an English circle and then the member lent me the text book. After I went back home, I flipped through it. It seemed interesting and well worth trying to beef up my skills, especially, reading and grammar.
Although it takes some time to choose a correct answer or read thoroughly, I expect it'll contribute to the improvement of my English skills.

For example;

Q>>>You'll find five ways of phrasing the underlined passage. The first answer choice repeats the original; the other four are different. If you think the original phrasing is best, choose the first answer; otherwise choose one of others.

Native American burial sites dating back 5,000 years indicate that the residents of Maine at that time were part of a widespread culture of Algonquian-speaking people.

A>were part of a widespread culture of Algonquian-speaking people
B>had been part of a widespread culture of people who are Algonquian-speaking
C>were people who were part of a widespread culture that was Algonquian-speaking
D>had been people who were part of a widespread culture that was Algonquian-speaking
E>were a people which had been part of a widespread, Algonquian-speaking culture

Answer>>>>> A is correct!

It wasn't difficult I think, though...
Was it interesting??




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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師