Although it depicted Japanese culture....

Last Sunday, I went out to rent some DVDs. Luckily, over last weekend a rental shop I usually drop at was holding a "thanks" sale, we could rent any DVD and CD for 80 yen each.
After looking for some interesting DVDs, I chose a few DVDs, one of which was " Shopgirl". Have you ever watched it? I'm not familiar with movies, actress and actors; however, to improve my listening skill and just enjoy watching I often rent some DVDs. To be frank, I want to go to a movie theater, but I can't manage to do because my own time is limited, after all, even if I take my son to his pre-school, there's not enough time to watch a movie. So, I prefer watching DVD at home. Yes, you know, I don't need to take care the time when I have to pick my son up. Right?

Well, as for the movie, I watched it today. It was interesting and it wasn't hard to catch their lines. There weren't difficult scenes to listen to where the actors kept firing away. ;D But, a part of scenes was strange to me. The scene was the following.......

In a exclusive department, a couple of Japanese ( they were tourists. ) bought some goods at a counter at which the heroine works. Then the couple bowed deeply stepping back step by step and saying "thank you" to her over and over again!!! That's so strange!!!! Don't you think so?
I don't know if it depicted Japanese as American imagine them, it was merely a joke or made a cynical scene toward Japanese.... Either way, the scene was funny.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師