A fellow English-lover

After I got married and gave birth to a boy, I was looking for a circle or workshop where I could learn English with my son in tow and had a reasonable fee. Although I contacted many local facilities to find by phone, there weren't workshops or schools that fit my requirement.
The other day, surfing the Internet, I found a certain article on a website. The article said, " why don't you join our English circle and enjoy learning with us? The cost is very reasonable, it's only 500 yen!. " I jumped up it and sent a text massage to the representative.
The circle is the one that I normally attend.

Thanks to the circle and the members, I'm encouraged to keep at studying English. When I was in a slump, they cheered me up and gave me advice. Not only English, they also gave me advice about rearing a kid. If it had not been for them and the circle, I wouldn't have been able to brush up on my English skills. Actually, I feel that it's much better than before. I can come out words smoothly and understand what native speakers are saying.

Now, some of members are achieving or getting down to do for their dreams. It inspired me to begin something. Of course, I want to do in English. So, I taught English and had some opportunities to use English. But, It was truth that I wasn't satisfied with the situation, I mean it wasn't enough because my own time is limited. ( as I said before.) On top of that, I often faced predicaments such things weren't going well.

To be honest, what I want to do or my goal is still vague; nevertheless, I may be too eager to do something...because I often feel that I'm left behind.

I should consider what I want to do down the road again.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師