My son ran fever again...

My son was fine when he played with his friends at his pre-school yesterday morning, but during the night he ran fever. He didn't have a cough and a sniffle, though...
This morning, when I took his temperature, the fever hadn't subsided yet. So, he took a suppository. After a while, it subsided. Although he needed to rest for some time, he couldn't stay quietly at home. He demanded that he wanted to go to a school this morning. Of course, I also wanted to take him to the school because he tries to attend school regularly without missing a single day. However, the first thing for him to do is to pull through his sickness.

So, I was supposed to meet with one of the English clubs, but I didn't visit it. Despite the situation, I was very eager to take part in the club. (I'm a bad mom....) Then, I hit upon an idea. It was that I took part in the club by E-mail. While my son was sleeping, I wrote my opinion about a theme we were going to discuss this time and sent the E-mail to the representative because I had known the theme beforehand.
To be honest, I wanted to talk in English. ( Because I usually don't have chance to talk in English.) Anyway, I'm going to practice talking in English while doing housework although it's not enough for me...



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師