At last, I got one!!!!!

I've used a few paper dictionaries when I take part in any English club. I prefer paper dictionaries,but they're too heavy and inconvenient to carry even if I want to use them. So, at last I bought an electronic dictionary today!!!!! Although I wavered whether to buy it now, I decided to do so because I thought that I would be upon wavering endlessly even if I passed up purchase this time.

So, in the afternoon, I went to a big appliance store with my son by car. As I'm ignorant about electoronic equipment, I couldn't decide which one was the best for me. I wanted one which has a large vocabraries, phases, a English-English dictionary function and various English functions. I don't need any functions unrelated to English.
So, I asked a staff and she recomended a certain company's product; S I I dictionary SR-E8600.
The company is Seiko, which is very famous as a watch-maker. I've never heard the company has produced electronic dictioanries, but it has been produced good quality dictionaries and has had a good reputation for it, according to the staff. On top of that, the company has promoted about it. Many interpreters, bussiness people and English learners who has been shooting for high level have it and we also recommend it to them, she added.
I got it although the price was a little bit higher than my price range.

Yes! while writing this diary, I'm using the dictionary and paper dictionaries.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師