I'm wavering....

In the morning, I picked a friend up and we attended a free English conversation class. The friend hadn't attended for about 6 months because she had been swamped with her workshops and so forth.
Although I really enjoyed having the time, of course, I was disappointed with myself.....That's the reason that I couldn't be satisfied with my talking; the skill to be exact. I floundered through my talking.....Even if other members didn't think so, at least I felt like that because I've realized how far I can speak or what my ability of talking is like.
Anyway, as I always say, keeping keeping and keeping practicing is the focal point to improve, isn't it?

Speaking of the ways to improve English skills, I'm wavering about my own ways to brush up. Thanks to my fellow English-lovers, I got several ideas. Every day I read a few English newspapers, write English diary on my blog, listen to news in English, try an English grammar textbooks and an English magazine for English learners and so on. To add to that, I'm thinking whether I'll get down to another English textbook. Many English learners around me suggest the book, which is the text of a radio program. However, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get around to do it and the content will be fit into my character.
In the afternoon, I dropped at a book store and browsed through some books including the text. But, I couldn't decide to buy any books.....Yeah, I was a kind of wishy-washy...lol lol lol
I need more time to consider......Incidentally, I always welcome your recommendation. ;D


Hi, yuko. Thank you for visiting again!

Yeah, dictation is one of the ways. English-lovers around me also suggest it. However, I'm not good at doing...,either....Yeah...that's a challenge! (^^;) But, I often try shadowing( Sorry, I'm not sure the spelling is correct..)
through an English magazine. (I don't know whether my skills is boosting or not...)
As for a new textbook, yeah, I decided not to buy...
I'm thinking of my "routine work". After all, every day I read English newspapers, listen to news in English, try a grammar textbook and write a diary in English. I was wavering, as I wrote, but considering that my limited own time, I should tackle the present ways thoroughly. Of course, I may get other books, sometimes..;D

Anyway, practicing, practicing and practicing!!! Right? ;D

Thanks, indeed!

Hi Rosily
I think that NHK textbooks are good for English learners, from beginners to advance- level speakers. They are very cheap with key points well described.
Or why don’t you start dictation using the CD attached to your English magazine?
My friend says that it requires you to focus on listening, which eventually helps you speak more fluently. (I gave up because it was a challenge, though…)
Probably you do not have to buy another expensive textbook.
Hang on!

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