It's not my day....

I have had a verruca on the back of my left hand for the past a few month. I don't know the reason....

Finding it, I thought that it would heal up soon, but there hasn't been the sign of healing. Last Wednesday, I went to see a dermatologist. She said, " It's a verruca. it'll take some time to heal up. it depends on the type of verruca, though.....OK? Fortunately, it's not an infectious or contagious one... Well, please patiently come to treat it every a week or so. "'s a hassle......

Then, next.....the pain went off suddenly; I had a toothache when I drank a cold drink a few days ago. I thought it might be a bad tooth. However, the tooth is next to treated tooth newly and when I ate something, I didn't feel any toothache, so I doubted that it might be a bad tooth....but it must have some trouble...I guessed......

This morning, I took my son to his school, went to have my hand treat and then made an appointment to see a dentist. Luckily, it wasn't full today. Then, I was heading for the clinic hurriedly because I had to pick up my son at 13:00. ( When I made an appointment, it was around 10:30. it takes to get there about 30 or more. I take the treatment and go back to pick up him into consideration, About only an hour to go...)

The dentist said, " It's not a bad tooth. It could be hyperesthesia because the gums around the tooth is not so good." Fortunately, the gum will recover if you softly massage the gums and come over to treat it several times."'s a hassle, too.....(--;)

" Need knows no law.." For my health, I should treat them.....Even so, it seems that I can't avoid curbing my medical expenditure......(T T)



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師