I was supposed to attend...

Today I was supposed to attend an English writing lesson, but I canceled it because my parents couldn't manage to fit my son's care into their schedules due to their work.

The lesson is one of the trials for regular lessons which will begin next month. The school has many culture lessons and is famous for English learners.
The other day, one of my fellow English-lovers told me that the school would have every trial lesson this week. What's better, some lessons are lectured by native speakers. Nevertheless to say, I jumped at the information. I checked the web site, however, only today was available for me; "English Writing lesson". I applied for the lesson and asked my parents whether they could have time to take care of my son. At that time, they said that they didn't know if they could have time or not, but would try to manage to do.
Unfortunately, last week they called me that they couldn't have time for taking care of my son due to their work.
It can't be helped although I wanted to attend. Other friends attended the lesson and other lessons, so I'll ask them how the lessons are later.

Well, as I'd canceled it, my son and I visited a kindergarten to take part in a class for preschoolers this morning. We attended the class for the first time.
The school where I'll enter my son next year has a good ambience and teachers, I felt. :D
My son seemed to enjoy playing with other kids to his heart's content.




Hi Rosily

You were not able to attend the class this time, but I hope you can when you have another chance.
By the way, do you want to be an English teacher?

I had time to listen to Emi’s English. Excellent. Given you and Emi study English together, your speaking level is very high, too. It inspires me to be more curious to know about your English study group. Maybe I will ask both of you how you run it some day.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have kept my blog up to now. If you plan on doing nothing and feel bored, visit mine, please. Of course, I know you are busy as a mother, though…


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