The 5th essay

I picked up a certain topic from the STEP test: "英検". If we take the 1st grade, we have to write an essay on a certain theme. To learn the way, I'd like to try to write on my own this time.

Agree or disagree: The use of nuclear power should be expanded

[Points] ( I should write an essay covering three of the points below.)
@ Demand for electricity
@ Disposal of nuclear waste
@ Global warming
@Price of oil
@ Renewable energy
@ Safety


Recently, the world has been discussing nuclear power. They've also talked about the use of nuclear power. Some experts say the use of it should be expanded, others say it shouldn't. I'm for the former. I'd like to address that.
First, the world economy has been sluggish. One of the reasons is the price of oil. The price has been upsurging; it's been high and caused turmoil for us. To ease it and satisfy our demands, I suggest that we take advantage of nuclear as a replacement-energy: we can generate renewable energy through the nuclear power. If so, we can tackle the global warming.
Second, some nations haven't enough energy to live. I believe if the use of nuclear power will be expanded, it'll make headway for the peoples' lives.
I agree, if we get down to using it, we will be concerned about safety. To brush away the concerns and use nuclear power properly, we should take legislative measures. In addition, we must dispute its use and research the energy thoroughly.
To take account of the future of power and our planet, it's time for us to consider these things.


Well, this time, "agree" or "disagree", so I chose the former although I can't deny that I don't concern about the use of nuclear power. ;D

If you're a maker, how many points will you give me? ( You have 28points.) hehehe




Hello Rosily

Sorry, I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t post a message here.
Let me talk about the eiken essay part.

As you know, 28 points is for the essay section. If you make a grammatical mistake, the examiner will deduct 1 point. If you make a spelling mistake, another minus point will be added. I guess such a “deduction method” is adopted to judge the easy part. It means you can’ t earn any point with some mistakes in grammar and spelling even if the content of your essay is excellent. It is said you don’t have to use unfamiliar words. Words that you memorized at (junior) high school can work. It is ridiculous to look down on basic words, you know. A professional interpretation says if you master how to use the word “have”, your English is dramatically improved.

I don’t use difficult words in business. Of course, I need to use technical terms that I think you have never heard.

You should take the test right away. The result will tell you which part you are good at, or which part you are bad at. You can build that in when you might have to study to take the test again. I think what you need to know first is where you are.

I know the eiken test is just a test. But I had wanted the certificate of the 1st grade desperately.

Oh, I have to sign off now.

Hi, yuko

Thank you for your compliment! I'm so happy to hear that. (T▽ T) But....
I guess the reason you thought like that is some of diaries were corrected by native speakers in a few points, others were not done.
That's the why I should learn more and more...

I'd like to ask you to give me advice in order to improve the skills.



応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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