The 6th essay

I'd like to practice writing an essay today. I picked a topic from a website of the STEP test.

This theme is....
" Is society doing enough to deal with violent crime? "

Recently, crimes related to violence have been broadcast. Even if that kind of crime happens to be around me, it might be usual. I don't believe society isn't enough to deal with the crimes.
In fact, the crimes has happened a lot in England, so they installed many surveillance cameras in the city. In addition, there are even cameras with speakers. If someone is committing crimes on the streets, security staffs check and call down the person. Thanks to these cameras, the number of crimes has decreased.
The crimes frequently happen might be attributed in part to the influence of the media. If a crime is reported, almost everyday it's broadcast. We can't deny the influence and should keep in mind that it could lead to the next crime.
To prevent the crimes, we should consider the worth of the connection with others such as neighbors or our communities. To add to that, the government should have the outlook of the law revised to provide for stricter punishments.




Coming from a place like the US, with its well-known problems controlling crime, I'm probably in no position to offer advice, but...

I do think one thing which would help in Japan is if people became more bold about reporting crime. I've met so many Japanese, especially women, who have suffered some kind of small attack or theft or perversion but never reported to crime to police. If they had reported it, maybe the police could have found and caught the person (or at least made more frequent patrols to keep an eye on the affected neighborhood), potentially saving someone else from harm in the future.

Criminals become more bold when they get away without punishment, so the next time they commit a crime it might be a worse one. To help keep ourselves, our families and our neighbors safer, we should report all crimes to the police so that they can try their best to stop the criminals before something else happens.

Because of this failure in reporting, I suspect that Japan's actual crime rate is higher than statistics have shown until now. This false sense of a low crime rate hurts Japan because the government won't work harder to prevent and combat crime if they don't know the true extent of the problem.

Sorry this got a little long. Your essays are always very thought-provoking! ^_^

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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師