We met 3 days in a row.

I visited a friend's house to study English. The friend has some English workshops and she had planned to have one of the workshops this morning. Usually, I don't take part in the workshop, but I tried to attend this time. That the reason was I wanted to have opportunities to practice speaking in any case.

I was the first to arrive at her house, so we started to chat in English right way. Before long, 2 other friends arrived. ( They're regular members.)
We learned vocabularies, phrases including grammar. As for grammar, we spent most of the time discussing it. lol It was just grammar, but was profound.
Being garrulous, I wanted to learn and practice speaking more and more. haha

By the way, one of the members and I met 3 days in a row. Of course, we gathered with an eye to have time for English.


Hi, yuko
Thank you for your comment.

Yeah! I like her writing, too! Some sentences and expressions are so helpful to me. ;D
Yes, she's also a member of our English club. As she works at a high school, she can't attend the club ever time. However, whenever she attend, I'm so happy and receive her encouragement or pep. :D

Thanks to her, the English native speaker, who usually take part in, and we met.( The native speaker and she would live near.) If it had not been for her, our club couldn't remain now.

Hi Rosily

Yeah, maybe I am shy. Or I may be slow. But sometimes I have to make a presentation in front of my coworkers. It is a torture for me… I want to brush up my Japanese.
I wish you could live near my place. You might change my personality.^^
Yesterday, I posted a message in Sachi san’s homepage. As a matter of fact, I love her writing. Is she your close friend? If so, you are blessed very much.


Thank you for your comment.

What!? again!? uh.....you received other strange calls again, didn't you? Was it connected with the previous one?

As you told me before, you seem to be shy. I wish I could visit near your house.....We can gather to have time for English, right?

I'm insatiable for English, so I may keep doing that.lol lol In addition, I don't want to fall behind my friends who belong to an English club. That's the reason I'm keeping a diary in English...I think.

Hi Rosily

This week, there were two weird telephone calls from people, who were speaking English. That was disgusting. It is rare that my section in the office gets such an irritating phone call from overseas.
You are lucky to have several friends to study English together. At times, I am jealous. Given my personality, however, it might be better for me to study alone, since I don’t have to compare myself with others.

I have updated my homepage. I didn’t expect I would be able to keep a diary there again. I respect you going on writing here.


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