I took a step toward a new career.

I had been wavering and pondering about a new job(I wrote about that kind of topic several times before, though.) In fact, I got 2 jobs. Both of them are an English teacher for kids. One of them is visiting kindergartens or day nurseries and so on and teaching English to kids. I make money regularly. I'll work as an English teacher starting next year. The other is having own class in a community center or my house. Although I'm able to start as soon as possible, I have to advertise my class to get students and manage the class. The company, of course, supports me, advertise my class , give advice to be on track and have training classes for teachers etc.

I decided to take the former right away when I passed the job interview and writing test; however, I'd been wavering about the latter. I love kids, love to play together as if I was a kid and love enjoying teaching English. I'm interested in that job. The other hand, I'm worried about whether I manage to get students. On top of that, I don't have experience, so I hadn't been to make a decision for a while. I know, of course, any job isn't easy at first. But, I was timid of the new job.

This morning, when I took part in an English club, at last I managed to make up my mind thanks to the English club's members. I talked about my situation and worries. ( I had talked about it many times, though...) Then, the English native speaker, who regularly takes part, just said " Do it!". Thanks to his word, my worries seemed to brush away...After the meeting, one of the members, who is an English teacher for kids at the same company, encouraged me to start a new career as well.

AT LENGTH, I managed to take a step forward....






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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師