The new flu?

Yesterday, after I picked my son up from a kindergarten and went to a supermarket to buy some stuff for dinner, I felt discomfort in my body. I had a slight headache. I thought I used my computer too much, so the tired eye might caused the headache.

However, as it was getting late, my headache was getting heavy....An ominous disease flipped through in my mind: The new flu.
If I come down with the flu, there is a possibility my family might be infected. In addition, those who met me past a week as well. What is worse, I will have to close my English class etc...

I checked my temperature....Oh, was 38.3......Although I thought I should call a Health Center right away (We have to call at first if we seem to come down with the new flu), I didn't have a runny nose, a shivering fit. I have only a heavy headache. That's why I decided to wait and see.

Today, I had a slight fever, but I feel good and have an appetite. As I sweat when I did housework, I'll be alright.
At any rate, I hope it wasn't the new flu, but just a cold.....


Thank you for giving me your comment and advice.

Yeah, you must have been right...(^^;) You know, I hate to wait for long time to see a doctor in a general hospital.(Because yesterday was Saturday.) So, until my condition is the worst or I can't move due to the disease, I don't go there...(^^;)

Fortunately, the fever subsided last night as I sweat many times after I took a few pills. :D

However, I should take your opinion to heart from now. Thanks, Emi-san



応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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