I had a cold last week and managed to get over....; however, I haven't yet to feel refreshed...I tried to exercise, take part in a few English clubs and so forth in order to refresh, but I didn't....

While I'm, of course, chatting away in English with regular members or teaching English to my students, I really enjoy. But after that and I go back home, I feel like a depression...I don't want to do anything such as doing housework, caring for my son and family....

Although I took part in an English club this morning, that kind of depression led to many mistakes in my speaking. What was worse I stammered out many times...Xl
It seems my mind is in a negative thinking way...uh....I should brush it away....

Anyway, I burned some incense to feel relaxed....I hope it'll work soon...

Somebody liven me up, please!



Hi, カモメ

Thank you for giving me your comment. ;D

Yes! I should be in that way! Thanks a bunch!

Please feel free to post your comment. :D

I am happy to read your message.
And also your message cheered me up again.

Yes, things have two sides.
When I am in a negative side, I tend to go down the wrong way.
But there is another way!!

This morning my husband said to me that "It is easy to quit the business, but absolutely if I keep the running it, I will be happier than now."

I am also a mother of two children.
As a mother I would like to share the feelings too.
I would like to take this oppotunity to comment you sometimes.
This blog has not only onside but also the other side tooi-236

Hi, カモメ
Thank you for visiting here and giving me your encouragement.

Yeah, I "was" also thinking in a negative way....I might have looked the side of things. I was wrong even if whatever the reason which triggered the feelings.

I should look at the positive side and be optimistic to a certain degree. You know, of course, as for work, I won't cut corners and will do my part, though.

Thanks to your and others' encouragements, I was moved so much and gave tremendous power.

Again, I appreciate you. Thank you.




Hello, this is the first time to comment you.
I am カモメ.
I have been enjoying your blog since last year and whenever I saw your blog, it lifted me up.
Because I like your positive thinking and I am yarning your English.

Today I was disappointed when I got back from work, because one of my co-workers who is English person said to me that "Stop the negative thinking!!"

So I visited your blog to cheer me up. Yes, I expected to see something nice.
But your feelings were just same as me!!

Sorry I may not cheer you up, but I would like to say thank you.
You have encouraged me through the blog.
I just want to say "Be positive! you are wonderful!!"



応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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