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At last I decided to buy an English text book.

It was one of the NHK(, which is our National Broadcasting Corporation) radio programs and intended for advanced English learners or business people.
In fact, the program has a good reputation for English learners because the high-level words, idioms etc are very helpful for them to improve their English skills. Not only these phrases, but the contexts are also interesting. However, sentences of the contexts are relatively complicated if you ask me. After all, there aren't all simple sentences in terms of talking in a daily life. That's why I had been reluctant to brush up on my English skills through the program and text book.

As I prefer CNN, BBC and NHK news in bilingual, listening to these English news is one of my daily routine study of English. I can learn the machinery of the politics, society etc as well. I meant people who are advanced level have many varieties of knowledge and can discuss when they are required besides these sophisticated words. ( Some say these news also use formal expressions, aren't suitable for talking, though...)

However, I had a whim to buy the text book for a change. Right away, I listened to the radio program through the Internet. The vignette of the beginning of this month were so intriguing and helpful for me, although the sentences were a wee bit long. :D

Uh...I think I'll purchase it regularly.... ^^



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Hello, nago
Thank you for visiting here and giving me your comment.
I'm glad you enjoyed reading my journals in spite of the fact there were lots of weird expressions and mistakes...
In fact, I'm still not satisfied with my skills...(That's why I've been brushing up on my skills, though...^^;)

Anyway, if you have any suggestions to improve English skills, please let me know. Thanks!



I enjoyed reading your article in regard to brush up your English skills. "It was well done, Thanks!" I have given up to do so my own long time ago, but I've been enjoying exploring the worlds with English while my English skills are not certified by Japanese government by any means. Frankly my dear. I don't give a damn. (I'm not talking about you here, just in case!)


応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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