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Last year, I mentioned NHK radio programs for English learners. I started to listen to the Business English program. To enhance my listening skill and build up a bigger vocabulary, I added the program to my routine study of English.
Not only the radio program, but the Internet also is very helpful. The radio program has the Website version and we can review the lessons through the site. There aren't scripts on the page, so I very occasionally have trouble catching up the assistant's talk.( As for the vignettes, I can check them because I have text books.) In particular, I sometimes need to concentrate on her liaisons, although her pronunciation is quite clear and easy to understand. ( She's a native English speaker. Incidentally, the teacher is a Japanese man, so it's not hard to understand what he says.)

As for 30th December's lesson (You can listen to it until tomorrow on the Website.) I have a question regarding words. In her talk, I caught up "health reason" or something like that.( As I recall, she and her husband used to go out to have meal due to their work and busy schedules or enjoy trying to eat at new restaurants. That's around the talk.) However, I'm not sure whether it's correct. Her talk wasn't hard to listen and I understood it as a whole , but I want to make it clear in detail and be a nit-picking listener. Otherwise, my listening skill won't improve...

If you understand what she said, could you tell me?

The site is



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師