Two days in a raw

Today, I took part in a free English conversation class. There were 5 of us, who are regular members.

When I entered the room, a woman had been chatting with the teacher. She belongs to another English club, which I usually take part in. She was talking about her younger son's bad habit. She wants him to kick the habit, but it's tough for him, according to her. The habit is when he's concentrating on something, he's apt to shake his leg, what we call "貧乏ゆすり" in Japanese. She always says "Stop it! Don't do that" to him, but he's not able to kick the habit, she said. Maybe, he's apt to do that unconsciously...

If you used to have that kind of habit, how did you kick the habit? In my case, when I was a school kid, I had a bad habit.... I was apt to bite my skin around fingernails to get relaxed when I was nervous or felt immense pressure. Of course, my mother always said " Don't do that! It's shameful." However, I wasn't able to stop it....

The solution was simple. When I was interested in a music group and hooked on listening to their songs, I was able to stop biting. One of the reasons may be that I grew up, though... It's true alternative to the bad habit is one of solutions. Since then, I've never done it...

To get back to her son's habit, he loves to play soccer, baseball and so on. Maybe, he's a very active boy, so his body is still active when he sits rigid while doing his homework or something...



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4) TESOL認定講師