To speak to him in English

Early this afternoon, one of my English-lovers and I chatted away in English through Skype. We very often contact each other to enjoy talking in English.
She always speaks to her daughters in English in her daily life. In fact, when she came over my house with her daughters in tow, she never spoke to them in Japanese. She said, "They speak English less than I want them to do. I really want them to speak more and more." As I met them only a few times, I didn't know how much they understand or can communicate with her in English.

However, one of her daughters' amazing skills came to light through our chat. When we were chatting through Skype, she came home. We broke our chat just a moment and they made some conversation such as I'm thirsty or wash your hands and so on. ( Of course, she spoke to her in English.) Then, I heard something behind my headset. She was talking something to her mom in ENGLISH!!!!! I was so amazed because she were speaking English fluently as if she were a native English speaker. They were talking in English all the time.

Although she said "I want them to speak English because they're hesitant to do...", I can say "No Kidding! How super! Amazing!!!". XD

These days, my son's interested in both of the Japanese and English letters. What's better, he likes to have my English lessons. But, he doesn't like to communicate in English except for my lessons. In particular, when I speak to him in English, he says "No! mom. I don't understand what you said. Japanese please!".
I understand learning Japanese is very important for him as a Japanese, but English also. He'll have to learn English sooner or later, so I don't want him to learn English for entering high school or university but learn practical English skills for his future.

She gave me some advice to teach both languages at the same time. (I could say "multi-tasking". lol)
Right away, I tried carrying on her advice as she mentioned. To my surprise, it worked!!!!! My son responded to me in English without frowning!!!! What a wonderful her advice was!

I try "the multi-tasking" from now. :D


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